English Workbook Grades Six to Eight

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by Ted Warren The English Workbook for Grades 6-8, is the third of a series on teaching grammar concepts. Ted Warren’s presentation is designed for the students to establish their own grammatical concepts as they practice them. This promotes a deeper and more personal understanding of English grammar. The exercises in the book challenge the student to make their own example of the subject at hand. In a classroom setting, the exercises can be shared with others by writing or speaking, thus allowing a playful aspect to learning these sometimes difficult concepts. The workbook starts with a review of the eight parts of speech, then continues with the concepts usually introduced in the 6th, 7th, and 8th grades: clauses, participles, gerunds, etc. The workbook includes all of the Common Core requirements for these grades, but the author cautions that one should only teach what the student is able to absorb and it is up to the teacher to know what that is. At the beginning of each year, repeat with the students what they had learned the year before; then move on. Paperback 168 pages
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