Winter Nature Activities for Children

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Activities for winter include making an Advent wreath, blowing walnut ships, making Christmas branches flower, working with wool, weaving, knitting, making felt, woodworking and making things with willow and out of clay. The activities in this book are based on practical experience from the Children's Nature and Garden Centre in Germany, and are fully tried and tested. Table of Contents Foreword The Story of this Book Making room for play Learning about opposites The Children's Nature and Garden Centre December Advent Song: The North Wind Does Blow Advent: A Time for Contemplation Poem: Advent The Advent Wreath Poem: Around the Advent Wreath Advent: A Time for Candles Blowing Ships An Advent Story Blooming Branches Rattling Walnuts Christmas Scenes The True Meaning of Advent Other Religious Festivals January Working with Wool Working with Wool: A Rich Experience Processing Wool Clothing: Our Second Skin Wool: from the Sheep to a Ball of Wool -- Shearing sheep -- Cleaning and drying the wool -- Carding -- Spinning Song: Sarasponda -- Twisting -- Winding a skein -- Washing the yarn -- Storage Wool: from a Ball of Wool to a Toy Sheep -- Finger crochet -- Weaving Stick table loom Cardboard loom frame Rounded wood loom frame Card weaving Other looms and weaving options -- Knitting Toy sheep pattern -- Felt Making felt balls Friendship bracelets -- Magic Wool Free Play with Wool Stories February (Part 1) Working with Willow: Building Houses from Hedges February: the Last Chance to Cut Willow Willow: a Good Plant for Children Song: Sleep, Thou Little Willow Tree Willow: Creative Possibilities Making a Latticework Willow Hedge Woodworking Wood: a Valuable Material Poem: The Beech Tree's Guests Forests Wooden Toys Listening to Wood -- Tools -- Carving twigs in kindergarten -- Fences and railings -- Doll's houses and furniture Rattles and Stick Instruments to Scare away Winter More Woodworking Projects February (Part 2) Working with Clay Pottery: a Valuable Activity Basic Rules for Doing Pottery with Children Clay Bowls for Easter Grass Clay Insect Nests and Bird Baths Resources: Further reading Craft suppliers Conservation of rare domestic animals The Children's Nature and Garden Centre Photograph and Illustration Credits
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