2020 Celestial Planting Calendar

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The sixth edition of the Celestial Planting Calendar explores a range of topics focused on the theme of light. The calendar starts off with the light ether and Hugh Courtney’s article on Horn Silica. Jaspal Chattha’s teaching on Barrel Compost expands the reader’s appreciation for how microbes use raw materials of cow manure to enhance nutrient uptake by plant life. As seeds are packets of light, the theme of light continues in Peter Fuller’s article on biodiversity and seed propagation. His practical teachings apply to all levels of nature, whether it be in a garden, a farm or a forest.

From there, the reader moves on to the article by Meg Sears who explains the effects of radiofrequency radiation along the entire electromagnetic spectrum. She describes the current and future implications of imposing hundreds and even thousands of antennae and satellites beaming high radio frequencies down to and all around Earth.

The calendar also includes  monthly summaries of celestial events along with daily advice on how to work with the four elements (root, leaf, flower, fruit/seed), recommended times for sequential spraying and the application of horn silica and horn manure, as well as key times to avoid working with plants, for example, during eclipses, planetary nodes, and lunar transitions through the constellations.

Gary Caton’s article on the theme of political dynasties that have occurred when Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter are conjunct is a further reminder of how we need to consciously choose to determine our future on and for this planet. Finally, the calendar ends with an Earth meditation to enhance one’s inner light so that readers can maintain clarity, insight and focus as they move forward in these ever-changing and challenging times.
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