All-New Twenty to Make: Flowers to Knit - Sachiyo Ishii

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Author: Sachiyo Ishii
Knit your favourite flower and more, with 20 gorgeous projects to choose from.
This collection of beautiful blooms will give you something colourful all year round. Why not knit a bunch of flowers for every season, starting with a bouquet of poinsettia for Christmas?

There are 20 projects to choose from including: an intricate peony; a colourful freesia; a delicate viola; the iconic English rose; and the distinctive Scotch thistle.

The mix of shapes and yarns brings a bright splash of colour and the use of different textures and techniques to create both flat and 3D flowers is very appealing.

Make wonderfully tactile gifts featuring a whole range of flora, or just pick and choose your favourites.
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