Baby Bare - A Bottom-Up Approach to Growing Strong Brains and Bodies

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Stephanie Johnson MA, R-DMT, LPC

In today's bustling, competitive culture, children are constantly being pushed earlier in intellectual and artistic pursuits. Parents are pressured into buying toys, apps, and bouncing apparatuses all designed to give babies an early start in cognitive training for skills like playing musical instruments, reading and writing, and practicing arithmetic. In truth, nature already has a perfect way for babies' brains to grow and learn without the aid of overstimulating devices: natural movement sequences. Baby Bare by Stephanie Johnson, MA R-DTM, LPC, uses neuroscience research, beautiful illustrations, and custom photos to show how freedom of movement and physical connection with a loving adult are the only educational tools babies need for optimal brain development. This book is packed with tips, tools, and exercises to aid in babies' neurological growth from infancy to toddlerhood and beyond.

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