Biodynamic Gardening: For Health and Taste

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Do you want more from your garden? Gardeners who already work with biodynamics will tell you the difference it has made in their gardens. From crispier lettuce to more intensely flavored onions, biodynamics is a great way to get your garden to produce tasty, nutrient-packed fruit and vegetables. An increasing number of gardeners have discovered biodynamic gardening, an approach that says plants benefits from soil that is fully alive and in harmony with cosmic forces.

Biodynamic methods work with the concept that the Moon, Sun, stars, and planets influence plants in regular rhythms, creating ideal days to sow, weed, and harvest plants. This book also tells you the best time of day to sow and harvest fruit and vegetables, as well as ways to use unique herbal remedies to boost your garden’s health and abundance.

The ideas behind biodynamics can sometimes be difficult to explain and seem strange to those new to these techniques. Hilary Wright, an experienced and passionate biodynamic gardener, guides the novice through the key points, while never losing sight of the ultimate goal—a healthy, abundant garden.

Easy-to-follow, step-by-step illustrations, explanatory diagrams, and color photographs show how biodynamic techniques can work for your garden.

Includes color photographs throughout.

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