Birds Of Summer

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2 to 6 players, Ages 7 to Adult

A Co-operative Card Game™.

Players are parent Birds trying to save their Baby Birds from Predators such as Hawks and Cats. The cards provide 6 Places for Nests, 6 Birds, 6 Predators and 6 Kinds of Food.

All the action takes place on the Neighborhood Chart. Predator Dangers are placed near the Neighborhood. Places to make Nests are played first, then Nests, then Food for each Nest, which attracts a Predator.

Will we, the parent Birds, be able to chase away the Predator? Clever play will make all the difference, as we talk over our plans and make careful choices, with each player making an important contribution.

This game is exciting and educational: memory, math and problem solving skills are nurtured as well.

Includes: 35 cards, neighborhood chart, rules.

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