Bucket stilts - horseshoe design

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These wonderful bucket stilts are made of solid alder and come with a real horseshoe attached. A hoof shape has been hollowed out of the base so that the stilts make the realistic clip-clopping sound of horses' hooves, and even leave a horseshoe imprint on paths and in playgrounds. A hole is drilled through the wood for inserting the untreated hemp rope. The length of the rope handles can easily be adjusted for different heights with a simple (flat) knot. The bucket stilts are a lot of fun and also have therapeutic benefits: they develop a sense of balance and coordination. And, just as important, encourage children to get out into the fresh air and get active!
Bucket Stilts - horseshoe design. Oiled alder 11 x 10 x 5 cm (4.4x4.0x2.0 inch), per pair.
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