Child Hoody - Upcycled Wool 7-8 years

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Juliana Ebata is the creative genius behind Wooly Way Woolens. Juliana grew up in King City, Ontario, and attended the Toronto Waldorf School from Parent and Tot through to grade 12 before moving out to Nova Scotia to attend Acadia University. She also continued her Waldorf studies in Nova Scotia through the Anthroposophical Early Years Programme studying with Carol Nasr, her parent and tot teacher from when she was a tot at TWS.

The values of environmental stewardship, creativity and reverence for childhood and many practical skills nurtured at TWS, run deep. Passionate about natural fibres, Juliana especially enjoys working with wool, cashmere, and silk. She began designing and creating clothing for her two tots, Chloe and Maisy. Realizing the importance of warmth for children, and the need to minimize discarded textiles, she uses upcycled merino wool, and cashmere sweaters to create unique pieces of wool clothing for young children.

We hope you get as much joy wearing her creations as Juliana did making them!
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