Colour Dynamics II

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Angela Lord

Colour affects us deeply. We can feel the soul of the world when immersed in colour. Imagine the sun shining through the pale greens of spring beech leaves with a cobalt blue sky above and shimmering bluebells below. You feel the world afresh and are renewed. Colour has enchanted you. You and colour are one. And you are ready to paint…

Colour Dynamics II is based on the ‘world alphabet’ of Aristotle’s categories, extended by Rudolf Steiner. Angela Lord offers a vivid approach to colour theory that will renew the way you see, experience and interpret the formative forces of colour, and to paint from the heart of each colour.

This is a useful resource for art students, painters, teachers, art therapists and interior designers. It enlivens Aristotle’s invitation to ‘delight in the senses’, by a renewed aesthetics that refreshes the soul as a counter to the digital, virtual, screen world.

Angela has been my painting teacher over many years, inspiring and enabling me to develop a growing sensitivity to the dynamics of colour and form, whilst providing me with the much-needed practical skills both for my own painting practice and for my teaching work with children. -Nick Vane, artist and retired Waldorf Teacher

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