First Moving Animal

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This wooden First Moving Animal for Baby by Grimm's Spiel & Holz is beautifully made by hand in Europe. A smooth, 100% natural toy for your little one to push around, this rolling animal is a refreshing break from loud and obnoxious plastic toys. Perfect for little hands, and so inviting to touch. Made from 100% natural wood, finished with non-toxic colors and pure plant oils. Coordinates beautifully with Grimm's Tree Slices Blocks.

Grimm's First Moving Animal is made from lightweight basswood which is sanded smooth by hand, leaving softly rounded edges. This wonderfully simple design is easy for even the smallest hands to grasp and move. Playing with a push toy will promote a childÕs hand-eye coordination, strengthen important muscles in shoulders, hands and arms, and encourage movement skills like reaching, crawling and grasping. Suitable for children from about 6 months & up. Make your childÕs first rolling toy a sweet animal-friend instead of a car!

Wooden objects are an ideal first toy for babies due to the many different sensory experiences wood offers: its tactile nature, the feel and grain of its smooth surface provides a very gentle form of stimulation for the youngest of minds. The properties of porous, natural, unlacquered wood make it inhospitable to bacteria, and unlike non-porous plastic toys, wooden toys do not harbor microbes.

About Grimm's
Grimm's Spiel und Holz Design is nestled in small-town Germany, where they lovingly design heirloom-quality, imaginative wooden playthings loved by children (and adults!) of all ages. Manufacturing takes place in Germany, Romania and Bosnia. Grimm's is inspired by the philosophy of Waldorf education, believing that creativity develops the imagination and free spirit. Parents love Grimm's because their high-quality designs encourage exploration and advance creativity, while challenging kids to think and use their imagination.
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