KidORCA MyPuddle Boots

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  • Maximum protection from water ingress
  • 100% waterproof breathable upper securely covers the leg above the knee
  • natural rubber
  • fashionable design
  • lightweight
  • adjustable toggle system
  • all seams sealed

Kid’s rain boots are almost always the same colours. There are red rain boots for toddlers, yellow boots for babies, and green boots for the more older kids. Part of what children love about wearing rain boots is that they make them feel more grown up. To them playing outside during and after the rain is usually not allowed, but they only get to do if they’re wearing their rain boots. Being given permission to do something that they usually aren’t allowed to do makes your little ones feel as if they can now do whatever they want, similarly to adults. This is why, here at KidORCA, we also offer kids’ rain boots that look as mature as they feel for kids, like this gray pair.

Awesome Pair of Gray Kids Rain Boots

This gray-toned pair is the perfect footwear to wear when your kids want to play in the mud. Sometimes, rain not only leads to water puddles but patches of mud in your backyard as well. These will look inviting to your adventurous little wants to enjoy splashing about, even in dirty mud. If your kid is one to enjoy a mud puddle or two, it’s best to have them wear these gray boots. The dirt and mud would have less risk of permanently discolouring your child’s footwear as it’s darker in tone already.

Although not as lively and bright as other pairs in our selection, these gray boots are still as adorable as ever. They’re also as functional as ever since they’re made out of 100% waterproof natural rubber. This strong but soft material helps keep water and moisture away from your kids’ feet as they play around outside. These boots will also keep your children warm and toasty when they wear them during the winter time to play in the snow.

Lightweight Rain Boots for Your Little One

Since children’s clothing are usually colourful and bright, you may find it difficult to buy this dark gray pair for your little ones. In actuality, however, these boots will most likely be easier to clean than the more vivid ones. It takes considerably less to wash out all the dirt from darker-hued footwear than it is for light-coloured ones. And even if there are still some specks of dirt and mud that are simply too difficult to take out, they won’t be as obvious to the naked eye compared to the bright-coloured boots. This is a welcomed benefit for those who have kids that really enjoy waddling in the mud after every rain shower.
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