Riddles of the Soul

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This is the first complete English edition of one of the major books by Rudolf Steiner: Von Seelenrätseln. Dr. Steiner said of the first essay that it is written not with a pen, but with “soul spades that want to rip away the planks that board up the world, i.e., that want to clear away the limits to knowledge set by natural science, but want to do so with inner work of the soul.” In the second essay he does battle with Max Dessoir, a typical foe of the spirit. Dessoir’s response to Steiner’s essay is printed as an appendix. In this book Steiner describes for the first time how the three soul forces (thinking, feeling and willing) relate to the three systems of the body (nerve-sense, rhythmic and metabolic-limb). Hard going, but a unique exploration of inner and outer frontiers and how bridges between them are built.

Author: Rudolf Steiner
Translator: William Lindeman
166 pages
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