The Roots Of Education: (CW 309)

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These lectures on Waldorf education were given as a course during Easter week 1924 in Bern. Although the talks were given more than eighty years ago, they remain remarkably contemporary. Every word still resonates with passion and dedication to the human adventure. As Rudolf Steiner said, "We must develop an art of education that can lead us out of the social chaos into which we have fallen during the last few years and decades.... There is no escaping this chaos unless we can find a way to bring spirituality into human souls through education, so that human beings may find a way to progress and to further the evolution of civilization out of the spirit itself."

At the time of these lectures, Steiner had only eleven months left to live in this world. The first Waldorf school had been established five years earlier, and the intervening period witnessed Steiner's tireless activity in every area of that school's life. Now it was, in a sense, time to bring the ripe fruit of this work to the public.

Together with its companion course The Essentials of Education, presented three days earlier, this book provides a stimulating synthesis of the Waldorf approach to education. Teachers, parents, and anyone interested in education will discover the fundamental characteristics of a new art of education.

"In these lectures Rudolf Steiner asks us to look at the whole lifespan, to place what happens in childhood in the context of a series of phases that stretches into adult life. His treatment of almost every issue in education is expansive; again and again, he looks at questions from a longitudinal perspective. Also, the process of characterization, rather than defining, calls on the reader to exercise new flexibility in thinking, and to develop the ability to view things from various sides. Steiner seems to ask continually: Now that you have understood it from this point of view, let us consider the question from another side." - Torin M. Finser (from his introduction)

Author: Rudolf Steiner
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