Teaching Waldorf Mathematics in Grades 1-8

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Ron Jarman

Engaging the maths genius in every child.

The second edition of this time-tested resource for teachers and home educators, back by popular demand. Teach math with imagination and confidence, laying the foundations for life!

Ron Jarman believes there is a maths genius in every child and adult. He shows how children can easily grasp math principles without the drudgery of endless worksheets. Uniquely, Ron draws on Pythagoras, the ancient Greeks, and Rudolf Steiner for re-imagining the vital importance of mathematical learning for human growth. The techniques and exercises in the book have been tried and tested for over a century by Waldorf teachers around the world.

The first chapters cover the Waldorf Maths Curriculum, the relationship between maths, personal development and education, and the question, what engages children at different stages of development? The book then lays out the math learning journey from Grades 1 to 8, with tips, worked examples, exercises, questions and diagrams.

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