The Anthroposophical Society - The Understanding and Continued Activity of the

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In 2014, the Anthroposophical Society in Switzerland launched a series of conferences to deepen the impulse of the 1923 Christmas Conference, the event that Rudolf Steiner referred to as a “festival of consecration” for the “beginning of a turning point of time.” The goal of the conferences was to develop a deeper understanding of the Anthroposophical Society’s essential task and contribute to shaping its future.

This volume presents six talks from the conference of February 2016, the purpose of which was to let the Anthroposophical Society as an archetypal phenomenon speak to us. This society planted a seed of humanity and the model of a legal entity whose future potential and perspectives are yet to be discovered. It is a social organism that exhorts us to put our karma in order, carry what is close to our hearts into the world, and by doing so experience the presence and support of the divine spirit.

These edited transcriptions of six lectures—by Peter Selg, Stefano Gasperi (general secretary of the. Anthroposophical Society in Italy); Mario Betti (former lecturer at the Institute for Waldorf Education in Stuttgart); Johannes Greiner (board member of the Anthroposophical Society); Gioia Falk (eurythmist and general secretary of the Anthroposophical Society in Germany); and Marc Desaules (board member of the Anthroposophical Society)—encourage us to move closer to a deeper existential relationship to the Anthroposophical Society and movement, experienced through others and discovered within ourselves.

Edited by Peter Selg and Marc Desaules

Translator: Margot Saar

194 pages
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