The Islamic Year, Surahs, Stories and Celebrations

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by Noorah Al-Gailani & Chris Smith

Celebrate the Islamic Year in your family or at school! You are invited to explore Muslim festivals with this inspiring treasury of stories, surahs, songs, games, recipes, craft and art activities. Folk tales illustrate the core values of Islamic culture with gentle humour and wisdom.

The Islamic Year is beautifully illustrated, with a calendar, Arabic calligraphy of the Names of God, traditional patterns, maps and pictures drawn from many parts of the Muslim world.

In the Appendices there is also a glossary of terms, tips for further reading, sources for craft materials and a handy teacher’s guide.

Chris Smith is a musician and storyteller, known for his storytelling of The Queen of Sheba at the British Museum. He has a passion for Arab folktales, myths and legends, gained from living in Palestine. Noorah Al-Gailani’s family is from Iraq. She teaches Islam in Saturday schools and works as a curator at the Burrell Collection Glasgow.


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