Ancient Mythologies: India Persia Babylon Egypt

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These stories have been retold in a style suitable for children and also as a teaching resource.' The meaning of some of the world's greatest myths and legends springs to life in this collection of stories retold for children. Through the epic adventures of colourful characters such as kings, beggars, gods and demons, we may catch a glimpse of the ancient wisdom of early mankind. Spanning the centuries from Atlantis to the civilisations of India, Persia, Babylonia and Egypt, the author portrays the development of mankind from primitive hunter-gatherers to builders of magnificent cities and the great pyramids. This book contains 21 stories, ranging from the well known legend of Isis and Osiris, to the less well known myth of Ahura Mazda and Ahriman. Although intended as source material for teachers and parents of Waldorf School Children, the stories have a universal appeal for children aged nine to twelve years.
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