A Path of Discovery – Grade 8: A Program of a Waldorf Grade School Teacher

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These manuals are designed to help teachers plan their main lessons for the school year. Each volume treats one grade, giving lesson indications, verses, poems, and sources for songs in an easy-to-follow format. Each booklet has an outline and teaching suggestions for the mathematics block taught in the indicated grade, as well as outlines for subject blocks specific to that grade and suggested reading lists. Sample outlines for the entire curriculum in all subjects are also included, for use in planning the coming year in semesters. The Contents of Vol. 8: Grade 8 are: Introduction What of the Future? Grade Eight Graduation Project Platonic Solids Pythagoreans Plato’s Academy Anatomy Andreas Vesalius The Threefold Human Skeleton Chemistry – Food and Nutrition Milk and Honey Plants in Nutrition Carbohydrates Different Sugars Starch Cellulose Protein (Albumen) Fats and Oils Mineral Salts Vitamins Aqua Vitae Herbs Drugs and Addictions Food and Nutrition Test Homework – a Bane or a Boon In Conclusion Verses and Poems Student Reading List Bibliography 89 pages
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