A Gift of Wonder

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A True Story Showing School as It Should Be Author: Kim Allsup Foreword by Patrice Maynard Can you remember the world of movement, wonder, and intense sensation that you lived in when you were six years old? Does education mean filling a bucket or does it mean lighting a fire? In today’s predominant educational environment, where high-stakes testing and anxiety reign, it’s clear that the goal, though implicit, is to fill buckets. Kim Allsup would like us to start lighting fires—to stop treating children like empty buckets. She sees that the vital essence of education has been sucked out of most schools today; that we must strive, above all, to it bring back, and that the situation is indeed urgent. Nevertheless, this book contains no arguments; it is not a change-of-policy proposal, nor is it a polemical treatise. Kim Allsup is a teacher and a teller of stories, and so this book, looking only at the surface, tells the story of the six years she spent as a teacher with her class. However, it does much more than that. Funny, poignant, moving, relatable, and, finally, life-affirming and hopeful, this memoir gently shows the way to an educational approach worthy of childhood—education rooted in wonder. Wonder is a challenging word. It has been overused, abused, and commercialized, and its true definition is perhaps endangered. Yet, wonder is a uniquely human experience, and to stifle or remove it from the lives of our children is to court a barren and dismal future. Wonder remains alive, but we may need to be reminded of it. This story is a living reminder of the simple beauty of childhood wonder and our responsibility to the future—Never give it up! CONTENTS: Working with Wonder Wonder Confidence Curiosity Attention Listening Resilience Gratitude Perspective Respect Nurturing Work Responsibility Inquiry Balance Insight Hope Friendship Freedom Experience Turning Point Awakening Healing Compassion Destiny Main Lessons Love Reflections School as It Should Be
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