The Calendar of the Soul

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Rudolf Steiner's collection of fifty-two meditative verses—presented here in both English and German—were first published in 1925, shortly after Steiner's death. These verses, representing the fifty-two weeks of the year, begin with Easter week and offer thoughts that help one find a deeper relationship with the spiritual forces at work throughout the year.

Each verse in this volume appears alongside the corresponding verse for the week that represents a kind of opposite, or "compensating," force during the year.

This durable, pocket-size hardcover volume includes a short introduction by Hans Pusch, describing a unique and useful way to approach and use The Calendar of the Soul.

The Calendar of the Soul is a translation from German of “Anthroposophischer Seelenkalender,” in Wahrspruchworte (GA 40).

Rudolf Steiner
Introduction by Hans Pusch
Translated by Hans Pusch and Ruth Pusch
Revised by Ruth Pusch
July 2023
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