A Pirate’s Life for Me: The Story of Ching Shih

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Young Li Bai lives in a quiet Chinese village and dreams of adventures, while her parents hope she will one day take over her father's pottery. But adventure arrives sooner than expected, when a band of pirates pillages the huts. Li Bai, in order to save her parents and fulfil her wild dreams, joins them.
Life at sea is rough, and Li Bai finds the only way she can gain respect after her husband's death is to take on the role of captain. So she becomes the notorious and feared pirate captain Ching Shih. But destiny has more in store for her than running away from the Emperor's army. Before long, Ching Shih faces a challenging decision.
Ching Shih was the most dreaded pirate in history and is famous for being the only pirate who officially retired, not only with all of her money but also the Chinese government's blessing.
This play is based on real events, with some poetic license to fill the gaps in Ching Shih's biography, and to make it suitable as a school play, for 7th grade.

56 pages

Author: Leska Beikercher
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