A Practical Guide to Curative Education

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Author: Robyn Brown

The last two decades have seen a significant rise in the number of children being diagnosed with mental and behavioural disorders. As yet there is no definitive consensus as to why these disorders are so prevalent in children today, and what this indicates about the world in which we live. Parents and educators now faced with challenges they did not foresee are often ill-equipped to address them.

At the heart of Waldorf Education lies an approach that seeks to meet each individual child on his or her own terms, and yet the new and greater challenges presented by many children today lie outside the traditional training of most teachers. Drawing on the ideas of Rudolf Steiner's pioneering Curative Education Course, this book goes back to basics and examines the potential benefits of his unique educational approach in today's classrooms. Robyn Brown, an experienced teacher, has found that it can lead to calmer, more productive learning spaces and children who develop into well-rounded individuals, ready to become responsible and creative citizens.

At a time when even longtime experienced educators are struck by how the dynamics of their classrooms have changed, this is a much needed reminder of a tried and tested approach that can work for every child, and ultimately for our society.

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