A Year With Findus, Seasonal crafts and nature activities

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Eva-Lena Larsson, Kennert Danielsson and Sven Nordqvist

An updated and extended second edition of the popular Findus, Food and Fun.

Join Pettson and Findus and be inspired by all the exciting activities and experiments they do through the year. Beautifully brought to life by Sven’s ingenious illustrations, this book offers suggestions for crafts and activities that use what nature has to offer: make bird food, grow seeds, create pretty necklaces and toys, build a mini composter, measure the wind and rain, and make a beautiful ice lantern. Learn how you can help animals and plants by collecting, fixing, crafting, building, exploring and baking. By making creative use of things from around the house and garden, readers young and old can discover how much of what surrounds us can be reused and recycled. Fun, climate-friendly and affordable!

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