Agriculture: Spiritual Foundations for the Renewal of Agriculture (CW 327)

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Rudolf Steiner
Foreword by Roderick Shouldice
Contributions by Ehrenfried E. Pfeiffer
Translated by Catherine E. Creeger and Malcolm Ian Gardner
Edited by Malcolm Ian Gardner

8 lectures and 4 discussions, Koberwitz, June 7–20, 1924 (CW 327)

With this remarkable series of lectures presented in Koberwitz, Silesia, June 7 to 16, 1924, Rudolf Steiner founded biodynamic agriculture. They contain profound insights into farming, the plant and animal world, the nature of organic chemistry, and the influences of heavenly bodies. This translation from the original German by Catherine E. Creeger and Malcolm Gardner is a fundamental text for many intermediate and advanced students of biodynamic agriculture—one to which the biodynamic practitioner will refer again and again over the years.

In addition to the eight lectures, this edition includes: 

  • Four discussions by Rudolf Steiner; 
  • Color plates of Steiner’s blackboard drawings;
  • An address to the members of the Agricultural Experimental group;
  • Rudolf Steiner’s report to members of the Anthroposophical Society following the lectures;
  • Rudolf Steiner's handwritten notes for the course;
  • Additional agricultural indications by Rudolf Steiner;
  • An essay: “New Directions in Agriculture,” by Ehrenfried E. Pfeiffer, a biodynamic pioneer in North America.

This book is the primary resource for anyone involved in biodynamic gardening or farming.

Agriculture is a translation from German of the book Geisteswissenschaftliche Grundlagen zum Gedeihen der Landwirtschaft. Landwirtschaftlicher Kursus (GA 327).

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