The Cycle Of The Year: as Breathing Process of the Earth

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Steiner reveals the deep relationship between humanity and the seasons of the Earth-the solstices, and the equinoxes.

"Humankind must attain esoteric maturity so as to think not merely in abstractions but to think so concretely that we can again become festival creative. Until then, it will be impossible to unite the spiritual with the cycle of sensory phenomena." -Rudolf Steiner

These five lectures were given at Easter, 1923. In a fully conscious way, Steiner provided a basis for celebrating the Christian festivals of Christmas, Easter, St. John's Tide, and Michaelmas. He begins with a description of how the cycle of festivals evolved over long ages through the Earth's cycle of inhalation and exhalation-forces that are actually the Earth's soul activities in relation to the cosmos.

Through the festivals of the seasons, he shows our human relationship to the Christ being The esoteric realities behind the festivals are also discussed in relation to subearthly and supraearthly forces, the ancient mysteries, the activity of the Archangel Michael, morality, and the arts.

Author: Rudolf Steiner
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