Art, Aesthetics and Colour

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In this innovative anthology, Angela Lord presents a unique series of commentaries on art, aesthetics, and color by three of Western culture’s greatest intellects. Her comparative study of works by Aristotle, Thomas Aquinas, and Rudolf Steiner illustrates how each of these towering thinkers employed an individual and groundbreaking approach. Yet, remarkably, there are common threads that weave through their collective works that have been previously overlooked. By selecting and extracting specific quotations and arranging them in particular sequences, Lord sheds light on texts that have often been restricted to theological and academic study. Through their exposure, she reveals their relevance to the arts today, showing how their content can stimulate an enhanced awareness of truth, beauty, and knowledge one’s life. The author also offers us the opportunity to reinterpret the works of Aristotle and Thomas Aquinas in the light of Rudolf Steiner’s contemporary spiritual-scientific insights. In addition to the extensive quotations from three historical figures, Lord provides brief biographies, an introduction, notes, and a bibliography. The book is well illustrated throughout and includes color plates.
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