Baking Real Bread

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Family recipes with stories and songs for celebrating bread by Warren Lee Cohen
An invitation to share the magic of baking bread with children of all ages.

This is a fully revised second edition of the ever-popular Baking Bread with Children, first published in 2008. Now updated and in colour, these family friendly, easy to make recipes will turn flour, water, salt and yeast into delicious and varied breads. Share the magic of baking with children. They will love how the book is seasoned with world stories, songs and poems that knead the imagination and bring the techniques to life. Get started with recipes for beginners and work up to some amazing cinnamon rolls.

  • 40 easy recipes for baking bread, buns, scones and muffins plus fun, festive, quick, leftover & sourdough breads
  • Baking tips and ingredients, with US cups, pounds and metric measures
  • Bread stories, songs and blessings from around the world
  • Family, kindergarten and school baking
  • Chapter on Gluten-free recipes by Julie Gritten
  • Building a real bread culture: from farm to plate, growing healthy wheat, heritage wheats, fresh grains and artisan bakeries home milling and supporting artisan bakeries.


Introduction: how to use the book; Homemaking: children and baking – why bake? Bread stories; 38 Recipes; Baking Tips, ingredients and measures; Bread songs, poems and blessings; Bread projects: building an oven, sculptures, decorations, secret message buns, bakery and farm visits; Enlivening the senses; Baking at school; Seven grains and nutrition; Factory bread, wheat sensitivities, allergies and coeliac disease; Gluten free recipes for blinis, brown loaves, churros, focaccia, flatbread, Irish farls, pizza base, soda bread, sweet potato and squash doughnuts; Biodynamic, organic and heritage wheats – reclaim the grain, fresh grains and rebuilding the local bread economy and culture; Index; Resources,


Warren Lee Cohen is a long time Waldorf teacher and teacher educator. He has been baking bread and building bread ovens with communities around the world for over 40 years. In the process he has been sharing his love of the artful loaf and collecting mealtime blessings from all the cultures he encounters. His other publications include Waldorf Book of Blessings, Dragon Baked Bread and Raising the Soul.

Baking bread at home is a wonderful thing to do – and becomes a profound experience for all when shared with children. This delightful book provides the ideal guidelines and inspiration. I strongly recommend it!
Mollie Katzen, author of The Moosewood Cookbook

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