Beginning Well: Empathy from the Very Beginning

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A trove of wisdom on mindful care for the child from birth to age three, based on the teachings of Rudolf Steiner and the theories and practice of Emmi Pikler. Full-colour photographs offer clear illustrations of empathetic childcare from daily care routines and suitable play materials to play and movement development, sleep and waking rhythms, holistic learning, and more. Essential guidance for young families and for all adults seeking to consciously perceive and care for the young child's needs.

Pia D├╢gl works internationally with individuals and groups on empathetic awareness and is the founder of?, a site to support parents and caregivers on caring for young children with empathy, mindfulness and joy. Elke Maria Rischke is a Waldorf educationalist and worked as a Waldorf kindergarten teacher for over three decades. Ute Strub is a physiotherapist whose work with Emmi Pikler resulted in her international work as a lecturer on early childhood education and in training Pikler educational theory and practice?

Together, the authors founded a home for neglected children in Berlin, Germany, based on the holistic approach of Rudolf Steiner and Emmi Pikler.?

148 pages

Authors: Pia D├╢gl, Elke Maria Rischke, Uta Strub
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