Beyond Mainstream Medicine - Thomas Hardtmuth, MD and Richard House, PhD Preface by Michaela Glöckler, MD

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Thomas Hardtmuth, MD and Richard House, PhD
Preface by Michaela Glöckler, MD

In Beyond Mainstream Medicine, Dr. Thomas Hardtmuth and Dr. Richard House dive deeply into the very foundations of human wellbeing, exhaustively detailing what is wrong philosophically and clinically with the current prevailing biomedical paradigm of health and disease, how these shortcomings have been highlighted during the Covid crisis, and the changes needed before a radical reestablishment of a genuinely holistic understanding of health, illness, and healing can occur.

“With their publication, Beyond Mainstream Medicine, Thomas Hardtmuth and Richard House have presented a small masterpiece for which one can only be grateful.... Particularly inspiring is the clear description of a necessary paradigm shift in medicine, in which each and every one of us can actively participate. For at the center of this new paradigm for health is the individual human being with his or her special possibilities to strengthen his or her spiritual, emotional ,and physical health, and thus his or her complex immune system.” —Michaela Glöckler, MD (from her preface)
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