Biodynamics for Beginners, Principles and Practice

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“Biodynamics is distinguished by the fact that it is a return from and through a mechanized prodigal society, not a regression. It is a return in a new way, like returning to your childhood home as an adult.” — Stewart Lundy

This collection of articles—compiled primarily by Hugh Courtney from the periodical Applied Biodynamics—introduces the basics of making the essential biodynamic preparations. What is discussed in these articles is much more than just ways to make preparations successfully; it also represents, for the most part, Hugh’s way of doing so with lots of practical tips for success. The articles are down to earth, literally, with very little theory, and provide the technical knowhow to make the biodynamic preparations described by Rudolf Steiner in his Agriculture Course and further developed ever since by several generations of biodynamic practitioners.

“Biodynamics is a reorientation of agriculture to its primary purpose—not commerce, but life. Anthroposophy is not a fanatical movement, nor is it an iconoclastic movement. As Steiner says, we need cow horns to make the biodynamic preparations, but we do not need to be ‘bull-headed’ about it.” — Stewart Lundy

Biodynamics for Beginners, edited and introduced by Stewart Lundy and liberally illustrated throughout, is the perfect guidebook for anyone who is serious about becoming a successful, hands-on biodynamic farmer or gardener.



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