Bio Lana 100% Organic Wool - neutrals

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Bio Lana is a rustic and genuine yarn in 100% Pure Organic Wool that is certified regarding all its production processes, including dyeing. The melange colours are completely natural and undyed. It has a soft handle and is distinguished by a natural imprint that is also emphasised by a meticulous selection of colours offered on the chart. Neutral and warm hues that reflect the natural shades of the fleece blend with sharp colours, full nuances soaked in hints of the earth. Soft and versatile, with a single 4-ply twist, ideal to ensure ease of processing and regularity, Bio Lana can be used in many forms: for comfortable items of clothing and accessories of all kinds, as well as for furnishing elements and small details able to create atmosphere and make any room cosy. They are made in both solid colours or used with combinations of colours and jacquard patterns.

Made in Italy


Composition: 100% Organic Wool
Put-up: 10 x 50g
Meter: 100
Stitches and rows: 15/20
Needle size: 4.5mm

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