Lori Scotchko

Lori Scotchko is an enthusiastic student of Eurythmy and Anthroposophy! When asked in her twenties how she wanted to work in the world, she said a “social worker or educator who could help people connect to their higher self through the arts”. This ideal was made a reality through the discipline of eurythmy and the lectures and books by Rudolf Steiner.

Lori discovered her passion for anthroposophy in a year of foundation arts studies at Foyer Michael in France. She went on to study the art of eurythmy in Oslo Norway, and Stuttgart Germany, and completed her diploma training in Spring Valley New York, in 2011. She has experience teaching in Waldorf schools as both a class teacher and eurythmist. Loricontinues to study with master teachers in the fields of eurythmy pedagogy, therapy and art in both Canada and the US. Her education also includes a BA Honours program in Arts from the University of Guelph, and a certification as a Waldorf teacher.

[email protected] (289) 472-1006