Building Set Natural Stairway

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Building Set Natural Stairway

The Grimm's Natural Stairway is a building set made of oiled alder wood. It impresses with its particularly beautiful and unique wood grain. With the 19 pieces, there are many individual characteristics of nature to discover, such as the different grain and colour of the individual pieces, as well as the annual rings or small knot-holes. Not only does this gem feature linking stairways for Grimm's 4cm building sets including Large Stepped Pyramid, Mosaic Squares etc.., it is an ideal starter construction set with a few large and solid parts that can be assembled into sturdy and stable structures.

These robust structures are reminiscent of castles or medieval city structures. Large windows and gate openings are easily created, but also trickier constructions that will challenge older builders. Have fun discovering the countless combination of possibilities that arise from connecting the individual parts!

Set includes 19 buidling blocks with felt in wooden frame. Made using alder wood and non-toxic plant-based oil finish. APPROX frame length 44.5cm with the single blocks 4cm thickness

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: For care simply use soapy water with a damp cloth for cleaning. Dry immediately away from a heat source. Do not submerge in water and do not use disinfectant or hot water.

Wooden toys can break: Grimm's stands for quality and long life. When making toys, Grimm's carefully selects the wood without defects. At each step, the quality of the wood is checked. But wood lives and responds to air changes. Wood is a natural product and not indestructible, so you cannot rule out that something breaks. Children must be guided to use caution and care with their special toys. If something breaks, you can repair the damage with wood glue. This will ensure continued long life of your most special Grimm's toys.

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