Child of the Cosmos - Karsten Massei

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Karsten Massei

How awake are we to our inner being, our true nature? How much self-knowledge do we really have?

In relation to our intrinsic self, we can easily feel like a novice. In truth, we face a long journey before we can fully understand ourselves – and we are equally unpractised in relating to our ‘shadow’ and inner wounds.

The path described in this book is an inward one, concerned with strengthening our individuality. Based on life-long research, Karsten Massei has created a valuable workbook for knowing and healing ourselves. In a series of short chapters, he explains the interplay and tensions between the human individual and the nature of our ‘inner and cosmic child’. Both are complex entities but are directly related; both are deeply connected with our destiny.

Our experiences with our inner child are often still in the earliest stages – but cultivating a relationship with her, noticing her, holding conversations with her, is vital, and offers us ever deepening experiences. As our insights expand, our frailties, deficiencies and inner wounds become apparent. The being of the inner child wants to educate us to become inwardly truthful and authentic. Only honest engagement with the traumas and vulnerabilities of our soul will enable a true picture of ourselves to arise.

Child of the Cosmos contains surprising perspectives arising from the author’s personal experiences, opening up a clear path of personal development. The text is complemented with seven special meditations to assist us in engaging with the challenges ahead.

KARSTEN MASSEI, born 1963, studied political science in Berlin but later trained in Switzerland as a teacher for people with special needs. Since then he has taught in a special needs day school in Zurich, where he also lives. Besides this work, Karsten Massei gives courses and seminars on the practice of supersensible perception, on the nature of animals, trees and medicinal plants, and spiritual studies of bees. He also works increasingly on pedagogical themes.

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