Choroi Triangular Set Bronze Small Hammered with Beater & Handle - single set

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Choroi Triangles and Pentangles are hand-crafted from brass or steel. The metal is hand-hammered by Choroi artisans, giving each instrument its vibrant, complex sound. These simple instruments offer a wide range of sounds that depend on the playing method, the size, and the metal of the instrument.

Generally, brass has a lingering sound and a warm colourful timbre, while iron gives a shorter, stronger, elemental sound. Pentangles usually sound lighter and higher than triangles, and, the bigger the instrument, the longer and more intense, though not necessarily deeper, the tone. All triangles and pentangles come in a set with an embossed copper handle and a matching mallet.

Bronze hammered. Bronze, diam. 6 mm, leg length 13 cm (diam. 0.24 inch, leg length 5.12 inch), hammered, accessories: beater, handle.

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