Cognitive Yoga – How a Book Is Born

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Through faithful inner work, says the author, the path of spiritual science can become a living spiritual being—an intimate friend in the realms of soul and spirit. This being can blossom into an extended spiritual community or school. One can converse and co-create with this spiritual school, including the being of one’s teacher, by learning its inner language.

In 2012, Yeshayahu Ben-Aharon was confronted with a major obstacle in his research work. After struggling alone, he felt he could not progress without consulting his colleagues in the spiritual world. The intimate soul experiences described in this book took place during such a gathering—a special, festive occasion with an active and engaged community of spiritual beings.

“I want to share some aspects of what I experienced during this event, in the more personal and imaginative language of storytelling. It is a kind of new, individual, Christmas nativity tale, about the earthly ripening of a research problem, its heavenly conception, embryonic life, and finally the birth on earth of what becomes a physical book, printed black on white.”

  • Four Stages of Development
  • The Mystery of Conception
  • An Insurmountable Problem
  • Some Soul Experiences on the Threshold
  • A Co-creative Journey
  • The Author is Pregnant
  • A Book is Born
Author: Yeshayahu (Jesaiah) Ben-Aharon
78 pages
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