Fairytales, Families & Forests Storytelling with young children Georgiana Keable & Dawne McFarlane

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Fairytales, Families & Forests

Storytelling with young children

Georgiana Keable & Dawne McFarlane

Illustrated by Araiz Mesanza

The sequel to the award-winning Natural Storyteller: Wildlife tales for telling, by Georgiana Keable.

“This superb resource and inspiration will empower parents, teachers and storytellers.” Renata Allen, The Story Museum, Oxford

You will discover that you are a storyteller. As you tell your fairytale, your children will open their eyes wide and stare at you in wonder. But they won’t see you. They will look through you to a world of magic and mountains connecting them with nature.

This book is:

  • Jam-packed with stunning stories, singing games and rhymes of nature for ages 0–7 years
  • A perfect resource for parents, pre-school, nursery, infant, special needs, forest school and kindergarten educators
  • Confidence building, helping you to create your own stories and find stories to meet and deal with problems
  • Brimming with ideas for celebrating birthdays and the seasons
  • Exploring language development and comprehension using our story tree
  • Full of stories of kinship to wolf cub, elf, bat, sun and moon
  • Tales to reclaim our forests and nurture our nature

“… [O]pens the gates of wonder in ways that everyone can understand and share across the generations.”
Donald Smith, Director, Scottish International Storytelling Festival

“What a magical and enriching book, filled with wisdom, knowledge and love.”
Danyah Miller, storyteller


  • Introduction, Dr Sebastian Suggate
  • The Authors
  • Storytelling and language development
  • The Oral tradition
  • Storytelling with your growing child
  • Stories of Outside, Stories for Inside
  • Festival Story Year
  • Building creativity and confidence
  • Storytelling with groups
  • Starting a family storytelling circle
  • Research on Stories and Education
  • Index of Stories
  • References and resources
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