Yard Sale

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1 to 8 Players, Ages 4 to 7

We all go to a Yard Sale, looking for bargains. We help each other fill the family Minivan with as much stuff as we can find, and not let the Truck take away any unclaimed items to the Dump.

Each player turns up two cards from around the Yard, looking for two that match to make up a complete item. Maybe a table top in one place and its legs somewhere else. A wagon here and some wheels over there. Maybe we invent how two parts could work together!

Some funny matches could happen. Unmatched items can fill the Truck quickly if we don't help each other find as much stuff as we can! What will we manage to save from getting thrown away?

Includes: 12 x 12" board, assortment of 26 yard sale items, 10 trash cans, minivan, dump truck, rules for basic and hard games. 2000

"Memory and imagination are required in this fun game that keeps you in suspense down to the last trash can. Fun for the whole family!"
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