Form Drawing - a workbook for form drawing designs Gr 1-6

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This book is based mainly on the principles of the 12 senses and shows hundreds of examples. The examples are primarily intended to guide the children and challenge them in the exploratory work with forms. As a central starting point, the drawing of shapes from movement is of great importance. This gives the form designs a vitalizing character and harmonizes work and health. The book also includes numerous didactic and practical tips for grades 1 to 6.

A line is a serene movement that becomes visible on paper and then continues to move further. When we see a line, we are mentally guided by this movement and recognize the shape it forms. Rudolf Steiner introduced form drawing as a new art impulse in the Waldorf Education. He discussed the importance of drawing, and form drawing in particular, at various points in his speeches. Steiner spoke of the importance of form drawing in allowing the experience of fervor in a number of ways.

Several books have been produced which illustrate the distinctive aspects of form drawing in both words and images. Although this literature has provided sufficient materials for the development of a lesson plan, one component referred to as "form fantasy" has not been discussed. Through this book, Giesen provides insights into the multitude of forms that can emerge from a basic form. A vision on lesson plan contents and an approach that stimulates the imagination is presented. A guide for teachers who wish to use this inspirational approach to explore and experiment in the world of shapes. For the children, this book will stimulate their desire to generate forms. Language: English

Peter Giesen (1955) has 34 years of experience in education, including a 32 year connection with the Steiner Waldorf Education method. In addition, he lectures at various teaching courses at the Academy for Parents in Driebergen and Venlo. Peter also provides lectures and courses for adults in the fields of anthroposophy, pedagogy, the 12 senses, the temperaments, artistic subjects and bookbinding.

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