I Will Swim Next Time - Emily Joof

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  • This warm, lyrical picture book from African-diaspora author Emily Joof tells the story of a young child who is unsure of going into the water
  • An ideal book for children who are feeling nervous about learning to swim, or any other new experience.
  • Contains an emotional learning message about listening to yourself and not rushing into things
  • Matilda Ruta's bold and characterful illustrations are vibrant and full of emotional depth

A young child gradually overcomes their fear of the water. This is a gentle yet powerful story about taking time and listening to yourself, with warm and vibrant illustrations.

"The cool on my toes felt kind of nice.
As Mama held me tight, I thought:
Maybe I'll go in next time."

A child's first encounter with the sea leaves them feeling small and scared. What could be hiding in the dark depths below? When the family visits a lake and a river, the child's fear of water gradually starts to ebb as curiosity begins to flow. But playing in the water still doesn't feel right. Mama says there is no rush to try swimming, and that the water will wait. Maybe next time?

This gently powerful story about taking your time and listening to yourself, with lyrical words from Emily Joof, reminds us that it's okay for progress to be gradual. Bold and dynamic illustrations from Matilda Ruta bring the journey to life with warmth and vibrancy. A perfect book for any child who is feeling nervous about new experiences.

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