Lesson planning for Waldorf Teachers: Tools for Educational Quality Development

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We all have to plan or lessons and reflect on them afterwards to see if things worked out as we hoped. We also need to reflect on how we can do things better.

The cycle of lesson preparation is like an action research cycle through which we deepen our understanding of the teaching and learning process. In doing so we try to solve problems and improve the overall quality of what we do. This book also offers guidance to observation, monitoring and record keeping, all of which support educational quality development.

This book was developed by Martyn Rawson with the the help of many Waldorf teachers. Martyn has been Waldorf teacher for 30 years in England and Germany. He is a member of the College of the Pedagogical Section in Dornach, Switzerland, and teaches onthe University of Plymouth Integrated Masters Programme, working as an researcher and consultant for ipf-Initiative f‚îú‚ïùr Praxisforschung. He still teaches High School in Elmshorn near Hamburg part time and is active in the international Waldorf Schools Movement. He has published many books and articles,including a standard work onthe Waldorf Curriculum.

48 pages

Author: Martyn Rawson
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