Lifting The Veil Of Mental Illness: An Approach To Anthroposophical Psychology

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Mental illnesses are too often seen only in abstract terms. In keeping with this, mainstream psychology, which seldom acknowledges the psyche or soul, relies increasingly on pharmaceutical treatment.

In his unique approach to anthroposophical psychology (or “psychosophy”), William Bento views imbalances of the human soul in an experiential and human way. Basing his views on the work of Rudolf Steiner, Bento looks not only at the human body, soul, and spirit, but also at the way the whole environment of physical phenomena, life forces, and spirit beings affects us as individuals. Going well beyond our immediate, earthly surroundings, the author considers the cosmic effects of sun, planets and stars, offering a holistic view of the human soul.

This book is a valuable and accessible addition to the field of anthroposophical psychology and to the study of Spiritual Science in general.

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