Maisie the Mountain Hare - Lynne Rickards

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  • A charming rhyming story starring a family of mountain hares and a friendly ptarmigan
  • Maisie the mountain hare leveret and her brother Archie love playing hide and seek, but soon must use their hiding skills to keep out of real danger
  • Mountain hares are known as camouflage experts – their brown coats change to white in winter so they can hide in the snow. But with no snow in sight Maisie and Archie stand out more than ever
  • A tale of teamwork and playing to your strengths
  • From the author of the bestselling Skye the Puffling, Harris the Hero, Rowan the Red Squirrel and Oran the Curious Otter

Mountain hare leverets Maisie and Archie must work together to stay safe in Scotland's Cairngorms. An adorable rhyming adventure from the author of Skye the Puffling, with dynamic illustrations of Scottish wildlife.

Maisie the mountain hare loves playing hide and seek with her brother Archie and their friend Thomas the ptarmigan. Archie is the best at hiding and Maisie has the keenest eyes. As the baby hares grow, their coats turn white to help them camouflage in winter. But with no snow in sight, the siblings are in danger. Can Maisie and Archie work together to stay safe?

Written in Lynne Rickards' signature rhyme, this is a playful tale of friendship and teamwork. Abigail Hookham's dynamic illustrations of Scottish animals and heather-covered Cairngorm landscapes are full of detail and character.

From the author of best-selling Skye the Puffling and Rowan the Red Squirrel, and the creators of Oran the Curious Otter, Maisie the Mountain Hare is a fun and lively celebration of Scotland's amazing mountain wildlife.

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