Making Waldorf Crafts

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From disappearing rabbits (that’s slip knots to you) and knitted donkeys here is everything you need to encourage small hands to learn sewing, knitting and weaving skills that will improve their cognitive development and manual dexterity for life. The author’s charming anecdotes and teaching tips alongside the clear illustrations, are invaluable for anyone who finds themselves guiding children to learn with their hands.

As school curriculums are under more pressure to fulfill academic goals, these projects provide opportunities to develop dexterity, hand-eye co-ordination and creativity with a series of tried and tested, age-appropriate projects to gradually build up skills. Techniques include spinning, knitting, sewing and weaving and the projects and techniques are accompanied by stories and anecdotes that children won’t be able to resist.

Projects include finger knitting, knitted animals, sewing a flute case and keeping a Handwork Diary. Some of the projects may require one-to-one attention, so there are also projects included for young people to be getting on with while they are waiting for help. Regular teaching tips guide adults in how best to demonstrate skills and how to make them engaging.

The author, Nina Taylor has spent thirty years in Steiner-Waldorf setting as Handwork Teacher in Canterbury and a qualified Steiner-Waldorf Class Teacher Training at Rudolf Steiner House. She is a facilitator for the UK Waldorf Handwork Teacher Training course and not least a grandmother of three girls (triplets!) and a grandson too and is enjoying watching their quite different characters develop.


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