Mercurius Blackboard Pastel Chalk 12 col. assort.

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Natural quality
Our exclusive, high quality, Art Makes Sense Blackboard Pastel Chalk is made using purely natural colour pigments only. The carefully selected natural pigments give our Blackboard Pastel Chalk rich and expressive colours. No additional synthetic colour pigments are added to the Art Makes Sense Blackboard Pastel Chalk to give it their unique colour. Our colours are proudly from nature itself!

Consistent quality
Art Makes Sense Blackboard Pastel Chalk was crafted especially for creative drawing as well as writing.
While developing our Blackboard Pastel Chalk, we paid close attention to the properties we believe high-quality blackboard pastel chalk should have. The result is a well-balanced and consistent texture, break resistance, colour release and adhesion throughout the whole Blackboard Pastel Chalk range. 

Strong enough for writing without scratching, perfectly soft for drawing without being brittle!

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