Money for a Threefold Society

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by T. Michael Cox (Author)

Money for a Threefold Society: A Blueprint for the Healthy Separation of Economy, State, and Culture.

Based on Rudolf Steiner’s works, Money for a Threefold Society presents a blueprint for organizing society into three independent members: economy, state, and culture.

This book explores the development of an alternative, independent money – called threefold dollars – backed by the productive value of registered assets, of land and means of production. Registered assets are financed within a private-social ownership framework that allows managers to operate freely, subject to an ethical agreement. This agreement allows an asset to be transferred to a new manager if operations are unlawful or socially harmful.

As this self-sufficient money system and new ownership framework unfold, economy and state separate. Together they negotiate new funding streams in support of education, care services, and nonpartisan research – allowing the free cultural life to become independent as well. In this way, Steiner’s threefold social organism comes into being.

A wide range of topics is considered, including compensation for labour, fair prices and wages, finite corporate shares, shielding against inflation, macroeconomic tools, threefold dynamics, money valuation, expenditure tax, and guaranteed livable income supplements. The presentation combines theory with imaginative stories and conversations among fictional characters who bring the ideas to life in an accessible, enjoyable way.

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