Water Warbler whistle

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Ostheimer Wooden Toys - Water Warbler
10.5 x 3 x 7 cm

Only works with water.  Fill round reserve with water, increasing or decreasing water level to get desired warbler sound. 

Canada Warblers sing a clear and loud song that starts with a chip, followed by a series of warbling notes that often ends on a higher pitch. Songs of individuals are highly variable; they have the same general Canada Warbler quality, but the order and pace of notes change. Males are the primary songsters, but female song was reported in one instance. Males sing around 6 songs per minute when they are looking for a mate. They generally sing from a low perch within their territory.


CARE INSTRUCTIONS: For care simply use soapy water with a damp cloth for cleaning. Dry immediately. Please do not submerge in water and do NOT use disinfectant or hot water.

Hand Crafting of each Ostheimer Piece:

From the draft to the finished product Ostheimer toys pass through many hands while they are designed, sawed out, sanded, rubbed-off, painted, oiled, and shipped out: and each step in this long process of careful handcrafting is inspired by wish to give children toys of truly high quality to play with. This way, each Ostheimer wooden figures becomes a valuable individual piece of work.

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