Rudolf Steiner: An Introduction To His Spiritual World View

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In many ways, Rudolf Steiner is the forgotten genius of recent times. A powerful thinker, who developed an intricate spiritual philosophy based on his ability to research and perceive spiritual dimensions, Steiner is perhaps best known today for his legacy to education, medicine and agriculture. But behind these practical manifestations of his ideas lies a profound teaching, which he termed a science of spirit, or anthroposophy.

The twelve chapters discuss:
Rudolf Steiner, herald of a new age reincarnation and karma
The spiritual nature of the human being
The development of human consciousness
World and human evolution
Relationships between the living and the dead
Forces of evil
A modern path of initiation
Life between death and rebirth
The spiritual hierarchies
Philosophical approach to the spirit
The Christ's mission

256 pages

Author: Roy Wilkinson
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