Sarah’s Silks Wings

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What could be more magical than having your own pair of Wings?

Comfortable and versatile, Sarah’s Silks Wings have been a staple in dress-up boxes for over 25 years. By popular demand, they're now available in select Enchanted blends to match their Garlands, Capes, Skirts, and Playsilks.

Elastic loops make our Wings easy for children to slip on and off all by themselves, with enough stretch to fit comfortably over clothing for imaginative dress-up styling.

They’ve designed their Wings to be simple and open-ended so children can imagine they are any number of things. A few favorite ideas are...

 * Flower Fairy

 * Dragonflies

 * Dragons

* Birds

* Lady Bugs

* Bats

* and more...

Sarah’s Silks Wings are:

* 100% real silk

* painted and silk screened by hand

* eco-friendly, made with non-toxic dye

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